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From 2001 through 2007 my major hobby was writing essays and stories for sadly mostly now-defunct web discussion site kuro5hin under the nom d'Anon "localroger." While kuro5hin still exists, its founder Rusty Foster apparently regarded it as something of a social experiment in web based self-moderation, and when the experiment began to fail he preferred to let the implosion run its course rather than try to save the site from the various forces tearing it apart.

I originally created this site to host the final chapters of Revelation Passage after one of the kuro5hin trolls used a voting bot to make it impossible for me to post them to kuro5hin. Later I took over the hosting of my novel The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect which Rusty had generously provided for about ten years. While kuro5hin is still the best place to view my other stories published there because of the discussions that usually followed, nobody pays the place much attention any more and it's undergone several outages in the last couple of years. As of 2016, the kuro5hin server is offline and as far as the old users know, all the original online content is now lost. Accordingly, I have rehosted some of my better and / or more popular stories here in case the original links go down.

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By far the most likely reason you're here is that you heard about my somewhat infamous web novel:

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect

That link leads to a mirror of the entire original site as it was hosted by kuro5hin during the decade after everyone talked me into putting it online and Rusty offered a place to put it. I have removed a couple of the more blazingly obsolete sections but the original side essays are there.

Passages in the Void

The reason I created this site was to finish publishing this story, which developed over a period of years as a series of stories published through the normal kuro5hin queue-voting process. It's the epic story of human colonization of the Universe, including other galaxies, without the benefit of faster than light travel or particularly long life spans -- although we do have the help of some awesome machines we created.

Prefer to read it on your Kindle? The first four stories are available here.

Or you can get them printed in paperback.

Other Good Stuff originally on kuro5hin

These stories are presented exactly as they were originally uploaded, with now-broken links and groan-inducing errors as still seen on kuro5hin.

  • A Casino Odyssey
    epub, mobi, lrf via SmashWords
    This is the series that made my reputation on K5, the true life account of my gambling adventure as my best friend went from low-rolling loser to running one of the most successful high-rolling Blackjack card counting teams ever to play.
  • A Casino Odyssey in Cyberspace
    Combining possibly the two best things I've ever written, a short story set in the universe of Prime Intellect but set in a casino as casinos might exist after the Change.
  • Hannibal Lecter: Transhumanist Icon
    As the intro says, a rather different reading of Thomas Harris' infamous serial killer.
  • Bearly Gods: A Review of Grizzly Man
    epub, mobi, lrf via SmashWords
    A popular review of Werner Herzog's amazing documentary about enthusiastic and tragically dead Grizzly bear fan Timothy Treadwell.
  • The Fifth Gift
    epub, mobi, lrf via SmashWords
    Other outlets via books2read.com
    A fictional story of disillusionment, hope, and alien gifts.
  • The Happiness Broker
    The Powers that Abide
    These two fictional stories were shamelessly lifted inspired by the metaphysical world of Thomas disch's novel The M.D.. I had intended to write a third story but the site died and the Passages debacle occured before I got the chance.
  • Pilgrimage to Trinity
    epub, mobi, lrf via SmashWords
    A meditation on my visit to the Trinity test site, where the first atomic bomb was exploded.
  • Plant
    Food Plant
    epub, mobi, lrf via SmashWords
    Two essays about my experiences foraging in the bowels of modern industrial facilities so you can have nice plastic stuff and eat, and I can pay the bills.
  • HOWTO: Get Your Teeth Fixed in Mexico
    An extremely popular story about my adventure in expat dentistry. This essay is a bit dated. At ten years later I remain very happy with my dental reconstruction but I recommend that you read the more recent account by a client of my same dentist here for more up to date advice.
  • The Tip Jar as Revenue Model: A Real-World Experiment
    An essay which was linked pretty widely recounting how things had gone about three months after I put The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect online.


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