The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect

A Novel by Roger Williams

  The Legal Stuff

The actual text of The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect and the mopimoth.gif graphic device are copyright (c) 1994 by Roger Williams, all rights reserved. The other materials on this site are copyright (c) 2002 by Roger Williams, all rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. No resemblance is intended between any human, corporate, or mechanical character with any person, corporation, machine, or deity whether living, dead, in or out of business, or yet to be invented.

This Work is offered free for public download under the following terms:

You may make as many electronic copies of the Work as you want, edit them, print them out, or convert them to other formats for your own personal use.

While you may print out copies of the Work for your own personal use, you may not distribute printed copies of the Work either free or for money.

You may distribute as many electronic copies of the Work as you want but only in the original, unedited HTML form, and only if you do not charge money for this service. Such distributions must include the following files:

  • mopilegl.html (This document)
  • mopiidx.html (Contents page)
  • mopi1.html thru mopi8.html (Chapters)
  • 1pix.gif (needed for HTML paragraph trick)
  • mopimoth.gif (graphic)
The author respectfully asks that you distribute the entire site, including the following bonus files:

  • index.html (top index)
  • mopiwrit.html (how it was written)
  • mopitech.html (technical discussion)
  • mopising.html (singularity discussion)
  • mopidta.html (dead tree project)
  • mopionl.html (other stuff online)
  • mopiall.html (entire novel)
Simply distributing, the zipped archive file, is encouraged.

(Sorry about the 1pix.gif kludge, but this seems to be the most universally compatible hack to create "normal" paragraph indentation in HTML. I know it breaks text-only browsers, but nothing's perfekt.)

The usual Fair Use exceptions apply for short excerpts (up to 500 words) used in reviews and criticism.

These terms are flexible, and you may e-mail the author if you would like to negotiate an exception.

(If you are interested in converting the Work to a specific format for the convenience of users of electronic reading devices, I am open to the possibility of adding such conversions to the official distribution as long as they are not printer-friendly; contact me for details.)

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